Leading the transformation of financial services through a better way of learning

Our Mission

To change mindsets, skills and behaviours to support the transformation towards a future of sustainable finance

The problem:
the current approach to training in financial services is broken

Digital and individual learning doesn’t connect the workforce and doesn’t create internal networks

Training is perceived to be a chore or a task as the majority of current training is delivered to appease regulators

To upskill an entire organisation too many programmes have to be developed from scratch

Fragmented supplier model creates duplicate efforts; training for common skills isn’t shared in the market effectively

Training isn’t relevant and role specific enough; people don’t learn in the current model, they “tick the box”

The Attain story

Driving the transformation of financial services towards a sustainable future through education

A new way of learning is needed to develop the right skills in the financial services industry to secure a future for our planet

This is why we have built Attain

A unique learning platform delivering game-based experiences for effective and faster development of sustainable finance skills

Attain provides game-based, social and engaging learning experiences

Attain builds internal networks of collective intelligence and innovation in sustainable finance

Attain develops leading sustainable finance skills, at scale and speed

Attain re-ignites the passion for learning in the financial services industry and creates a connected culture of learning and innovation

Attain delivers a competitive edge through workforce transformation at speed and scale

  • Competitive and immersive games
  • Social and varied learner experiences
  • Sticky and effective learning
  • Entry level to leadership skills
  • Technology which scales and integrates

Who we are

Leadership Team

Founder / Chief Executive

Klaus Woeste

Klaus has over 20 years’ experience in advising large organisations on talent and people strategies and transformation.

He successfully built EMEIA wide learning advisory businesses for KPMG and EY and developed, sold, and delivered more than $30m of professional training in the FS industry between 2010 and 2020.

From 2020 to 2021 Klaus led EMEIA for GP Strategies, leading a $125m+ training business in 20+ countries with more than $40m FS revenue.

Chief Product Officer

Wendy Lee

Wendy is a global learning and talent executive who has held C-suite senior HR leadership positions in banks. She has worked in New York, London, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

In Shanghai, she led the set-up of a new Corporate University for the Bank of China.

Previously she was the Chief Learning Officer for the HSBC global retail bank; responsible for $100m+ learning budget for 100k+ employees in more than 40 countries.

Chief Operating / Finance Officer

Nick Reed

Nick is an ex global investment banking COO (HSBC) with strong organisational skills and extensive control experience developed over a 30-year career in audit, asset management and banking.

He qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG.

Nick has worked in ‘start up’ as well as established financial service environments in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He has previously managed both offshore and outsourced resources across Finance, Compliance, Operations and Technology.

Attain Friends and Advisors

Karen Gilhooly

Karen is an experienced front-line financial services professional with a keen focus on the power that effective engagement and culture can bring to build high-performance teams. She founded her company True North Collaboration to help companies meet the needs of today’s rapidly evolving workplace.

Scott Wagstaff

Scott has spent over 30 years in senior roles in the marketing, sales, communications and online learning industries. His passion is helping organisations build workforce capability and agility thereby transforming the impact of digital disruption and ESG on human capital into a sustainable competitive advantage.

Henning Kruse

Henning Kruse has 28 years of dedicated service in the stock exchange industry. His expertise lies in financial training, where he merges deep knowledge with a passion for empowering others. Throughout his career, Henning has fostered strong relationships, recognizing the invaluable role of interpersonal connections in financial success. With a commitment to both education and collaboration, he continues to inspire and educate in the realms of finance and investment.

Tamar Elkeles, Ph.D.

For nearly 25 years Tamar has created award-winning learning organizations. She is the former Chief Learning Officer (CLO) of Qualcomm, and advisor and board member to several startups.

Dr Ben Caldecott

Ben is the founding Director of the Oxford Sustainable Finance Group. Ben works at the intersection between finance, public policy, and academia, having held senior roles in each domain.

Dr Michael Muthukrishna

Michael is part of the world’s leading research group on behavioural science. He is an Associate Professor of Economic Psychology at the London School of Economics & a PostDoc for Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard.

J.P. Harrop

JP is an experienced founder and leader of fast-growing fund administration businesses. JP is an experienced angel investor and founder of a London-based investors club.

Philipp Ostermeier

Philipp is Managing Partner with Alvarez & Marsal in Munich and lead the A&M transformation advisory team in EMEA. Philipp supports businesses on organic and non-organic growth strategies.

David Sayer

David is the former Vice Chair and global head of banking for KPMG. David also previously held senior positions at Lloyds Banking Group.

It’s time for something completely different.
Have you played Rising Tides yet?

Rising Tides is a unique game experience in which you’ll be managing a virtual bank on a virtual island.
Through the game experience you will understand the sustainable value chain as it is now and how it might evolve in the future.
You will also understand how to generate revenue, enhance reputation and manage risk in the sustainable finance ecosystem.

Can you set a strategy which delivers shareholder returns as well as a positive ESG contribution to the island?

Can you develop a profitable and ESG positive product portfolio?

Can you create a winning marketing strategy to attract customers?

Can you steer your bank through unexpected and adverse events?

9 out of 10 players say – “This experience is more engaging than our current corporate training.”
“Hugely enjoyable!”
“We loved the depth of the decision making!”
“The best learning experience I’ve ever had!”
“Very worthwhile game and brought a new dimension to how I understand ESG from a corporate point of view.”
“I’ve never done anything like this!”

Want to experience the future of financial services learning?